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The School Circus Project


We are bringing the magic of circus into schools!

Through his writing and talks over recent years, Ken Robinson has challenged schools and educators to consider that education should be about developing the child's individual natural abilities, talents and uniqueness. He insists that we need to encourage creativity in learners in all levels, including the physical.

Also L. Alderman and his colleagues urge that physical education should not only be interesting, exiting and challenging but also provide opportunity for children to learn about themselves and what they can accomplish and give them opportunity to develop their skills further.

Benefits of circus skills has been researched and proven for many years now and they consists of all that above. Circus combines the physical ability of sport and the creative expression of the arts. Circus is non competitive and inclusive of all children. Participants are developing motor competence skills, improving confidence and coordination, exploring creativity, building strength and improving mobility.

Circus skills can also provide real academic benefits. For example, research has shown that there is a direct relationship between the hand-eye coordination learned through juggling and the ability to read, write and reason. 


Our trainers are first aid and safeguarding trained and have DBS checks. There are two trainers working on the project.


To find out more or sign up, please get in touch via the contact page!

To download a presentation about the School Circus Project

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