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What we do:

Aerial classes 


We run aerial classes concentrating on static trapeze. During these sessions we also learn moves on other aerial equipment like sling, rope, hoop and silks . This classes are for children and adults. 1:1 sessions available.

Circus after-school clubs


Circus clubs are all about group building and boosting team spirit, as well as that of the individual. We give children a choice of skills they can practice - there is plenty for everyone. The after-school club is a good way of finding what you like about circus and if you would like to move to regular specialised classes.

Open circus workshops during half terms and holidays


If you are not sure about what circus skills are, come to our open circus sessions where you can watch others, or try things out for yourself in a relaxed and pressure-free setting.

Circus activities and shows for parties, festivals etc.


For those who like to celebrate in a circus way, we will help to make your special day a success and provide you with unforgettable entertainment.

To find out more about our current classes

Able Circus

Specially adapted circus workshops for children and young people with disabilities and additional needs.


We are using Craiq Quat’s adapted juggling tools like the Shuffle Board, making the impossible possible. We believe Circus is for everybody !



Brain Gym

Circus for Seniors. Move your joints and keep your brain active with juggling and more.

Summer and half term holiday circus school


If you are a circus lover, we run a 1 or 3 day summer circus school where you can practice your favourite skills, learn new tricks, make new circus friends and perform for others (if you like) as well!

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